ADAPPT staff and program participants walk for recovery in Berks County

ADAPPT staff and program participants walk for recovery in Berks County

Program participants and staff at ADAPPT, a residential reentry center in Reading, Pennsylvania, participated in the 20th Annual Berks County Recovery Walk and Soberstock hosted by the Council on Chemical Abuse and Easy Does It of Berks County. The inspirational day took place on Sept. 23 and was held to honor September as National Recovery Month. The program participants who walked are part of the Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) residential programming at ADAPPT who are receiving evidence-based treatment services to address substance abuse and criminal behavior.

“This was a successful event for our participants who had a chance to see that living sober and crime free is possible,” said Dawn Martin, clinical supervisor at ADAPPT, who accompanied the group. “There are many people who are successfully recovering from addiction to live a positive and happy life. It was a great opportunity for these individuals to witness how strong recovery is in Berks County.”

Brett Sander and Heidi Koch, both unit counselors, also joined the ADAPPT group for the walk that began at Reading Community College and ended at City Park in Reading.

The ADAPPT participants were able to meet individuals in the recovering community and enjoyed hearing others’ experience of strength and hope. They were encouraged by others who had struggled with the disease of addiction, who shared about the importance of making changes and choices that support a positive lifestyle.

ADAPPT provides an inpatient chemical dependency program that is comprehensive in scope, including an initial assessment, personalized treatment programs and individual and group counseling. Programs and service components include State Intermediate Punishment (SIP), Outpatient Alcohol & Drug Services (AOD), Group Home, Veteran’s Services and Day Reporting.

ADAPPT accommodates a population from the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections and the Pennsylvania Department of Probation and Parole.