GEO Reentry uses anger management classes to address criminal behaviors

Anger Management Classes

Anger is at the root of many criminal behaviors, such as domestic violence, abuse, vandalism and other violent offenses. That’s why at GEO Reentry, we help probationers and parolees in our residential and non-residential reentry programs, as well as offenders in our jail and prison programs, address the root cause of their behaviors in anger management classes.

Our anger management classes help program participants examine their experiences with anger and the role anger has played in their pasts. Participants begin by determining how they typically respond to anger and whether those responses have been helpful or harmful. They’re asked if anger has ever caused them problems and if and how they’d like to change their responses to anger. They also think about how anger was expressed in their families growing up, as well as people who have commonly triggered their anger in the past.

Participants then learn how their bodies and minds react to anger and begin to understand how irrational self-talk intensifies anger. In the final stage of our anger management classes, participants develop what is called an “anger plan.” This includes strategies for managing anger and effectively handling difficult people and situations.

GEO Reentry’s anger management classes cover the following topics:

  • Healthy responses to anger
  • Physical responses to anger
  • “Should” thinking
  • Developing an anger plan
  • Reducing impulsivity
  • Identifying triggers
  • Beliefs about anger
  • Irrational and positive self-talk
  • Understanding consequences
  • Self-de-escalation
  • Reducing stress
  • Relaxation and meditation

The group material includes an interactive journal, the use of which is an evidence-based treatment strategy that applies theories of motivational interviewing and cognitive behavioral principles to address each participant’s specific risks and needs.

By taking part in our anger management classes, our participants complete our reentry programs with tools to effectively manage their emotions in a healthy, productive manner.

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