Wichita DRC hosts ceremony for 27 graduates

The Wichita Day Reporting Center, a non-residential reentry center run by GEO Reentry Services, hosted a transition celebration on Oct. 5 for 27 probationers who recently completed the center’s intensive reentry program. Participants graduated with tools to help them successfully transition back to their communities.

The Wichita DRC provides substance abuse programming, domestic violence education and intensive case management designed to change criminal beachier. The center combines daily reporting with groups and treatment that focus on employment or full-time school enrollment when participants exit the program.

Program participants take a risk and needs assessment called the LSI-R upon program intake, which is used to create an individualized behavior change for each participant. Upon program completion, participants take the assessment a second time. Since July 2016, participants’ LSI-R scores have dropped an average of eight points, highlighting the effectiveness of evidence-based treatment at the Wichita DRC.

“This important celebration highlights GEO’s pursuit of changing the behavior and the lives of program participants, while also providing effective, community-based, cost-saving programming to the city of Wichita,” said Andrew Young, Area Manager for GEO Reentry’s central region.

Nathan Emmorey of the Wichita Municipal Court spoke at the ceremony. He delivered an uplifting message, emphasizing the importance of education and living well. He was encouraging to all in attendance and gave the program graduates a boost of hope for their future and pride in their accomplishments.

“Our goal is to provide evidence-based GEO Reentry programming that helps our participants establish a new beginning, with the ability to engage with the community as productive citizens,” said Terri Snyder, Wichita DRC program manager. “The client testimonials at the celebration were extremely heartfelt. It’s rewarding to hear that our message is getting across about the values of a positive lifestyle.”

Programming at the Wichita DRC lasts for approximately six months to one year, with a minimum of 26 weeks. Participants are referred to the center by the Wichita Municipal Court. Recent statistics from the city of Wichita show that the Wichita DRC is an effective alternative to incarceration, saving the city more than $5 million in jail costs since July 2016.

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