Cambria County Day Reporting Center offers second chance to participants

The Cambria County Day Reporting Center, run by GEO Reentry Services, is helping to alleviate inmate overcrowding in the Pennsylvania county, according to a recent report by local news channel WTAJ-TV.

Instead of sending offenders to jail, many are being sent to the Cambria County DRC to receive treatment and life skills training, including one man quoted in the report who said the center has given him another chance.

Stacy Miller, the director of the center, also opened up about her own difficult past, which included living out of her car as a teenager. Thanks to the help of others, Miller said, she was able to get an education and become a probation officer, which inspired her to in turn help other people.

The Cambria County DRC provides cognitive behavioral therapy that targets changing criminal behavior as well as classes—like anger management and employment training—that are designed to help participants put their best foot forward upon completion of the program.

As the report states, the center, which opened in 2012, has also helped decrease the inmate population in Cambria County. John Prebish, warden of the Cambria County Prison, told WTAJ-TV, “As their population is increasing here our population has been decreasing which is a cost savings across the board.”