Four sites selected to pilot new web-based reentry tool

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The National Reentry Resource Center, created by the Council of State Governments Justice Center, has selected four sites to implement their web-based decision-support reentry tool for corrections and treatment providers.

The evidence-based tool is designed to improve individual and program outcomes through criminal justice and behavioral health principles, according to a release from the Justice Center.

The tool is called the RNR Simulation Tool and was developed by the Center for Advancing Correctional Excellence at George Mason University. According to the release, it will provide sites with a way to incorporate the “risk-need-responsivity principle into daily practice, and recommend referrals to relevant programs that demonstrate the highest likelihood of recidivism reduction, based on a given client’s needs.”

The tool was selected for the Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections, the Pima County Department of Institutional Health, Rockdale County, Georgia, and the City of Wilmington, North Carolina.

Information learned from the four sites will be shared through case studies, articles and a webinar, the release said.

The pilot programs are promising for reentry efforts in the country, and we’re interested to see what is learned from the new tool.

At GEO Reentry Services, we also work to create evidence-based models for reentry programming so offenders have the best chance at a successful reentry into their communities. Using the latest research, we use programs that are designed to prepare offenders for life after supervision, including behavioral therapy and life skills training.

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