CSG Justice Center report: 11 states reduce recidivism using evidence-based practices

Nationwide, after trending upward for years, recidivism is showing signs of decreasing. A new report published by the Council of State Governments Justice Center and the National Reentry Resource Center, “Reducing Recidivism: States Deliver Results,” highlights 11 states that have experienced massive drops in recidivism rates. The report credits the decrease to strategies such as the Second Chance Act, a Congressional bill that supports efforts to improve outcomes for offenders returning to the community.

GEO Reentry is proud to provide programs for adult probationers, parolees and pretrial defendants in residential, in-prison and non-residential settings aimed at helping offenders successfully reenter society. We operate programs in Illinois, which saw a 25 percent drop in recidivism rates, and Louisiana, where recidivism rates dropped 12 percent.

Our programs use evidence-based practices supported by the Second Chance Act, including cognitive behavioral therapy designed to change criminal thinking. We also use an industry-leading assessment called the LSI-R to determine participants’ criminogenic risks and needs. Participants take the LSI-R during program orientation, allowing our staff to appropriately tailor programming to each individual and helping improve outcomes for participants once they leave our programs.

While the numbers presented in the report are promising, the report also highlights the need to sustain and expand efforts that will continue to reduce recidivism. GEO Reentry is committed to maintaining and expanding our programs in partnership with federal, state and location jurisdictions throughout the country in an effort to bolster public safety.

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