GEO Reentry’s Delaney Hall staff raise funds for breast cancer awareness


GEO Reentry’s Delaney Hall staff raise funds for breast cancer awareness

Staff at Delaney Hall, a residential GEO Reentry center in Newark, New Jersey, recently collected $150 worth of donations in support of the Susan G. Komen Cancer Foundation. They also selected a day to wear pink, the color of breast cancer awareness.

Breast cancer is estimated to claim more than 40,000 lives each year. Contributions to the Susan G. Komen Foundation are used to further research for a cure.

“Thank you to those who donated to this great cause. We are very appreciative of your generosity and willingness to contribute,” said Richard McCourt, GEO Reentry Northeast Senior Area Manager.

Many Delaney Hall staff have a personal connection to the charity, with loved ones or colleagues who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. They said it felt rewarding to have played a role in the fight against breast cancer. GEO Reentry staff at other centers contributed to the cause as well, making it a company-wide effort.

“I am proud of the teamwork demonstrated by staff who care for others, whether inside or outside our walls,” said Taurean James, director of Delaney Hall. “I am grateful to GEO for choosing the Susan G. Komen Foundation. It has special meaning for me and many staff members.”

GEO Reentry is committed to improving lives and strengthening local communities through outreach and support. We’re proud to see our staff strengthening their bonds through charitable efforts, reinforcing their dedication to providing quality, evidence-based reentry services to those in their care.