GEO Reentry alumni group shares holiday cheer

GEO Reentry alumni group shares holiday cheer

More than 100 GEO Reentry alumni who graduated from programs in New Jersey and Pennsylvania gathered in December at Talbot Hall, a residential reentry center, to celebrate their success this year and participate in a prosocial activity for the holidays.

In addition to staff and former program participants, GEO Care President Ann Schlarb, community representatives and members of Education Health Centers of America attended to congratulate the group on their positive success.

Talbot Hall is a residential reentry center operated by GEO Reentry in Kearny, New Jersey. It can serve more than 500 individuals, with comprehensive reentry services such as risks and needs assessments, individual and group counseling, substance abuse programming, life skills, educational services, family services, Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy, treatment readiness, problem solving/self-regulation, interpersonal communication, employment skills, 12-Step meetings, alumni and aftercare programs, medical services, spiritual services, library and law library, indoor and outdoor recreation and document assistance.

Alumni services are a function of the treatment programming provided by EHCA and GEO Reentry. Residents of the reentry programs attend alumni meetings before they are released to the community, and continue this supportive connection once they are living in the community. Eventually, members can become mentors for others seeking assistance with social services, employment and housing. Alumni also participate in voluntary activities such as city cleanups, back-to-school supply drives, feeding the homeless and local fundraisers.

The uplifting holiday evening was a success, serving to demonstrate the benefits of reentry treatment services as members enjoy the gift of positive living.

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