GEO Reentry celebrates Second Chance Month

The White House has designated April as Second Chance Month for criminal offenders. In late March, officials announced that the month will be used to emphasize the need to reduce crime as well as recidivism by providing assistance to people with criminal records and helping them earn honest second chances.

The initiative also includes urging federal, state and local governments to consider the implementation of evidence-based programs that focus on job training, mentoring and treatment for drug addiction and mental health issues. GEO Reentry Services, an industry leader in evidence-based treatment, is proud to celebrate Second Chance Month and promote opportunities for positive change.

GEO Reentry provides second chances through pre-trial, in-custody and post-release rehabilitation programming. GEO Reentry’s programs are designed to change criminal thinking and reduce the risk of recidivism through cognitive-behavioral treatment, substance abuse treatment, life skills training, anger management skills and family relationship reconciliation.

Not only do GEO Reentry’s programs promote long-term public safety, they help people with criminal records develop the skills they need to manage conflict and effectively navigate life outside of custody. In addition, GEO Reentry helps people with criminal records overcome common barriers to successful reentry. Through community connections, program participants have opportunities to find stable employment, meet their educational goals and address basic needs like food, housing, clothing and financial assistance.

According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, approximately 650,000 individuals complete prison sentences and rejoin society ever year. However, nearly two-thirds of these individuals are re-arrested within three years of their release. GEO Reentry’s evidence-based programming offers these individuals a second chance to help them create a better life.

Read the administration’s full statement here, and read more about what our programs offer in our news feed.