GEO Reentry Services helping Decatur parolees take charge of their lives

GEO Reentry Services is working to empower parolees participating in the GEO Reentry Service Center in Decatur, Illinois, to take control of their lives and leave criminal activity behind.

To celebrate the successes of recent program graduates, GEO Reentry hosted a transition celebration in January, which was featured in local paper the Herald & Review.

The article featured the stories of several participants, including Heather Young, who found herself caught in the criminal justice system as the result of a drug addiction. Young, with six other participants, was able to successfully complete the program with the support of DRC staff and her own determination.

Seven other participants graduated from the program as well but were unable to attend the ceremony.

The center is able to support 65 regular participants who routinely report to the center and are involved in evidence-based treatment that includes techniques and classes proven to reduce recidivism.

To successfully complete the program and participate in the transition ceremony, participants must complete a cognitive behavioral program developed to change criminal thinking, remain free from the usage of drugs and alcohol for 90 days, and participate in a majority of their prescribed group meetings. Graduates are also coached to be employed or enrolled in school, as evidenced by the Herald & Review feature.

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