Illinois central reentry service centers undergo substance abuse training

Illinois central reentry service centers undergo substance abuse training

GEO Reentry constantly strives to improve services at our non-residential reentry centers. Last year, we received licensures from the Department of Human Services to provide substance abuse treatment in our central Illinois reentry service centers.

Earning these licenses required a lengthy application process, hiring and training of substance abuse counselors, and the implementation of treatment planning methods. We have since continued investing in program improvements.

In August, Illinois program managers and counselors participated in comprehensive training on substance abuse assessment and treatment planning. This training, facilitated by West Fulton program manager Sonya Davis and Decatur program manager Lillian Kinnison, gave us a better understanding of clinical processes, improved our skillset and allowed us to practice our newfound knowledge as a group.

We also had the opportunity to sit down and talk with Dr. Martija of Advanced Health Care, one of two doctors who reviewed our assessments and treatment plans, to ensure they followed evidence-based practices. As a result of these trainings, we have become a more effective team able to offer the highest quality services to our clients.

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