Luzerne County Community College a partner with BI

To help alleviate jail crowding and reduce chronic recidivism, Luzerne County opened a Day Reporting Center in 2010 to supervise and provide treatment and training services for approximately 150 offenders. Clients go through a multi-phase program that includes regular reporting to the center, intensive treatment, training, and ongoing testing for drug and alcohol use. Clients also participate in classes geared to change criminal behavior, using a foundational program called Moral Reconation® Therapy.

Over the past few years, the Luzerne County Community College and Luzerne County DRC, located in Nanticoke, Penn., have created a strong partnership to provide educational opportunities to DRC clients. Francis Curry, director of the LCCC, gives presentations at the DRC several times a year, and has worked with the college to make it easier for DRC clients with a GED to register for classes. The school also has a center that works with high-risk applicants to help them apply for financial aid, grants and scholarships. As DRC clients work through BI’s program, education is a key component to their success in finding a good job and reintegrating in their communities.

“We want to provide the motivation and outreach to help clients turn their lives around,” said Curry.

“Our philosophy with this partnership is if we could turn just one life around, we’ve been successful.”