Tulare County successfully manages influx of probationers

Tulare County in central California has seen rapid population growth, double-digit unemployment and high crime rates over the last several years.  These issues made managing the influx of probationers transferred to Tulare County’s supervision under AB 109 prison realignment more difficult. The county sought the help of BI Incorporated to address the problems facing its probation department.

Tulare County used a combination of BI’s electronic monitoring services and Felony Probation Supervision Services to manage the influx of probationers. The electronic monitoring program for adults and juveniles uses several EM technologies including GPS tracking and alcohol monitoring to ensure offenders abide by their curfews and conditions. Felony Probation Supervision Services holds adult offenders accountable for fulfilling their court-ordered terms and conditions of probation. The county diverts low to moderate-risk offenders to BI on a monthly basis for court compliance monitoring.

BI’s EM and supervision services have helped the Tulare County Probation Department increase public safety and reduce recidivism. Because offenders are responsible for the cost of the EM program and Felony Probation Supervision Services, Tulare has been able to achieve its goals at no cost. Placing financial responsibility on program participants has contributed to the program’s success because it helps deter participants from reoffending. BI’s supervision of low to moderate-risk offenders has also allowed Tulare County Probation Department to focus on the higher risk population.

To learn more about Tulare County’s successful implementation of BI services, read the full case study.