Napa Valley Adult School an education partner with BI

In 2008, the Napa County Board of Supervisors selected BI to open a Community Corrections Service Center, which offers day reporting, case management, treatment and training. BI’s programs are cognitive behavioral treatment programs operating under evidence-based principles. Individuals referred to the CCSC go through a multi-phase program that includes daily check-ins, monitoring for alcohol and drug use, meetings with case managers, and participating in a series of treatment and training classes.

A key component for offenders’ successful graduation from the BI program is a partnership with the Napa Valley Adult School. As part of the Napa Valley Unified School District, school staff members present sessions to BI clients on how to get involved in programs to complete their GED, high school diploma, or a career technical education including medical or veterinary assistant or electrical apprenticeship. With an education, offenders have a much greater chance of finding a job or career, enhancing successful transition to community life.

Karen Valentine, assistant principal at Napa Valley Adult School, said that she has found the clients from the program are eager to embrace the educational opportunities the Napa Valley Adult School offers. “Working with the Napa DRC is easy,” she said. “They regularly reach out to me and provide opportunities for us to come and present. It really helps the offenders become engaged in the community again.”