Napa County reentry roundtable promotes community links

Napa County reentry roundtable promotes community links

The Napa County Community Corrections Service Center recently held a reentry roundtable event that brought together a range of community partners with a similar mission: serving and protecting the residents of Napa County. The roundtable meetings are held every two or three months at the GEO Reentry Services day reporting program in Napa, California for the center and its community partners to exchange news and ideas on reentry strategies and tactics. Napa County Police Department Lieutenant Brian Campagna served as the guest speaker at this most recent event.

Also attending were Eddie Flores, drug court case manager for Napa County, as well as representatives from Child Support Services; VOICES, a youth and LGBTQ support group; Workforce Napa; Napa Emergency Women’s Services, a service provider for victims of domestic violence; Alcohol & Drug Services of Napa County; Napa County Health & Human Services; Alternatives for Better Living of Napa County; along with a probation liaison from Napa Valley College, staff from the local library and additional community partners.

“Attending a roundtable is a great way to exchange ideas and determine community needs,” said Flores. “When we come together, we become a hub of social services with an ability to streamline our services and agree on how best to help those in need.”

The Napa County CCSC provides reentry services to participants who are referred through the Napa County Probation Department, including cognitive behavioral therapy, which is taught through evidence-based principles with an emphasis on social learning theory. The facility’s curriculum also focuses on the eight evidence-based practices identified as fundamental principles for reducing recidivism; number six is to “Engage Ongoing Support in Natural Communities.”

Prior to the roundtable, Karen Graff, program manager at the Napa County CCSC, went door to door to invite other community partners to the event.

“Our program is not an island,” Graff said. “We need the help of our community partners to be successful and connect with our program participants to establish a positive lifestyle. We’re pleased to host the roundtable and to engage in ongoing support for our local community.”