Planned Parenthood Shasta Pacific is a BI community partner in Napa

Located nationwide, BI’s Day Reporting Centers (DRCs) provide an
alternative for states and counties to cope with jail overcrowding and recidivism through ongoing and intensive supervision and case management, treatment to address chronic criminal behavior and substance abuse problems, and vocational training and connections. The focus of the DRC is to enhance the ability of offenders participating in the program to reintegrate and become responsible members in their communities and within their families. Good relationships with community resources, such as Planned Parenthood Shasta Pacific in Napa, Calif., enhance this goal.

Planned Parenthood Shasta Pacific (PPSP) has one of the largest Community Services and Education Programs in the country and has collaborated with BI’s Napa County Community Corrections Service Center since its inception in 2009 to provide HIV prevention education to BI clients. The collaboration complements BI’s evidenced-based practices program with comprehensive health education to teach BI clients about being safe and responsible in their personal relationships.

“Not only does BI support their clients, but they send them off into the world at their graduation with a clear message. Don’t just leave the program and live and survive. Leave the program and change your community by being involved in positive and engaging things. Create a healthy life for you and your family and you can change lives,” said Antonia Landels, a Sr. Health Educator and HIV Educator for PPSP.