Madera County partners with BI and GEO Reentry to offer alternative community corrections services

Like many counties in California, Madera County has partnered with BI Incorporated and GEO Reentry to address issues related to jail crowding and limited funds for jail expansion. Madera County has worked with BI for several years. Initially, the probation department used BI’s electronic monitoring services, including GPS tracking for higher risk offenders. These electronic monitoring systems support probation officers to monitor offenders and ensure compliance with conditions of release, including curfews and schedules.

Madera County used state funding to implement additional alternatives to detention that included evidence-based practices, such as a Day Reporting program. The county selected GEO to operate a Core Day Reporting program in 2010. The Core program involves a GEO case manager co-locating in the probation department to deliver individual cognitive behavioral therapy to offenders while also referring probationers for supportive community services based on risks and needs.

Due to its success and the passage of AB 109, which increased the number of probationers the department had to supervise, the county converted the Core program to a full Day Reporting Center in 2011. By doing so, twice as many probationers could be managed and additional services could be delivered.

Read the full case study to learn more about Madera County’s use of EM technology and day reporting services.