Public Image Partnership works closely with BI’s Spotlight Reentry Centers

Designed specifically for high-risk parolees – individuals who are deemed at risk for parole failure – to reduce recidivism, BI’s Spotlight Reentry Centers in Illinois include a combination of intensive supervision and case management, treatment based on risks and needs of the person, counseling and connections to local resources. A significant component at these centers is the Transitional Jobs program, which involves collaboration with local job services agencies to provide structured job readiness and retention programming. One of these agencies is Public Image Partnership.

Public Image Partnership is a Chicago-based social services agency that hosts an Access to Recovery program that offers parolees or probationers vocational skills and employment opportunities. The ATR program has developed connections with employers who are aware that these men and women have overcome difficult backgrounds, yet who will still give them an opportunity.

Karen Stratford, an ATR supervisor at Public Image Partnership, works closely with BI and its Spotlight Reentry Centers in Chicago. “BI is one of my main sources for referrals,” Stratford said. “They’re incredibly professional and they’re always assisting me. They see their program participants go out and get a job, and I help them do it. It’s really a win-win situation.”