Residential reentry residents, staff, alumni turn out for MLK service day

Members of New Jersey Alumni Services and staff from Talbot Hall Residential Reentry in Kearny, NJ, came together to volunteer in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day on January 21. In partnership with Jersey Cares, an organization that coordinates volunteer efforts statewide, volunteers carried out “Day of Service” at 13th Avenue School in Newark painting and cleaning hallways for students returning the following day.

“As members of GEO Reentry Alumni Services, we understand the importance of giving back to the community,” Manager of NJ Alumni Services Arthur Townes said. “Today’s volunteer efforts took on a special meaning in memory of Dr. King, who believed that change was possible through non-violence and unity. It was our pleasure to help out today, to serve the community in honor of Dr. King.”

This is the tenth consecutive year Alumni Services has partnered with New Jersey organizations to participate in community service opportunities helping those in need. Unhindered by four-degree weather on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, volunteers spent the day cleaning and refinishing hallways at 13th Avenue School in Newark. In prior years, alumni and staff have volunteered their time for assignments wherever help is needed, like schools, senior centers and homeless communities.

“The Geo Group is dedicated to making a difference in tomorrow, today,” Senior Director, Education & Programs for GEO Care, Inc. Angela Geisinger said. “The alumni service division believes in coming together so that we can grow together. We are honored to give back to our community and overjoyed to be a part of this great day.”

Proud NJ Alumni and staff volunteers said they plan to continue their annual tradition of volunteering on MLK Day. New Jersey Alumni Services members and Talbot Hall Residential Reentry staff maintain a busy calendar of community service events year-round, including city cleanups, helping at food pantries, back to school drives and food drives for the holidays.

Residential reentry residents, staff, alumni turn out for MLK service day
Arthur Townes, Manager of Alumni Services in NJ, and Sheila Leonardo, EHCA Director of Talbot Hall Residential Reentry Center, volunteering at the annual MLK Day of Service