Southwestern Illinois Correctional Center inmates receive addictions training certification

Southwestern Illinois Correctional Center inmates receive addictions training certification

GEO Reentry Services provides in-prison programming to soon-to-be-released inmates using evidence-based treatment and training in prisons around the nation, including the Southwestern Illinois Correctional Center. At the core of GEO Reentry’s treatment and training is cognitive-behavioral therapy, intended to change criminal attitudes, social skills and interpersonal problem-solving. Part of GEO Reentry’s programming includes drug treatment classes to address addiction and negative behaviors. Some participants complete these classes with a drive to assist others in the same capacity, which is why GEO Reentry has a program in place to help individuals receive the education and training needed to do so.

GEO’s Certified Associate Addictions Professional Program (CAAP) provides training and educational programs to participants that are geared toward enhancing their personal recovery as well as their professional and clinical experience in the addictions field. The CAAP program at Southwestern Illinois Correctional Center is a fully-accredited training program that meets all requirements set forth by the Illinois Certification Board. Approximately 300 individuals have successfully completed the program and obtained their CAAP certifications.

On Dec. 27, 2017, the GEO Reentry CAAP class celebrated their successful graduation with a ceremony in the SWICC visiting room. The graduation was the third in one year. Six students participated in the ceremony, which was emceed by CAAP Instructor KaShena S. McDonald. The graduation ceremony included a host of guest speakers, jazz and R&B musical selections performed by the SWICC Inmate Choir & Band, and the awarding of CAAP Certificates to the participants. CAAP alumni and staff from numerous departments at SWICC, including TASC, Land Lake College and Wexford Health Sources attended the event.

With these certifications, participants are prepared for a rewarding career path upon their release and have the tools needed to help themselves and others in their recovery processes.

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