Community corrections

October 16, 2018

Bail reform sweeps the nation, pretrial release services on rise

Bail reform is sweeping the nation, state by state, as correctional agencies look to change a money-based method for releasing pretrial defendants to the community while they await trial. The movement is fueled by the belief that bail is neither fair nor does it protect public safety. Proponents for reform […]
April 23, 2013

DOL announces $20 million in grant funds for reentry programs

The U.S. Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration recently announced $20 million in grant funds will be available to help adult inmates successfully re-enter the workforce after they leave prison. Fifteen grants of up to $1.4 million each will be awarded through the Training to Work-Adult Reentry program. Organizations […]
February 12, 2013

Luzerne County Community College a Partner with BI

To help alleviate jail crowding and reduce chronic recidivism, Luzerne County opened a Day Reporting Center in 2010 to supervise and provide treatment and training services for approximately 150 offenders. Clients go through a multi-phase program that includes regular reporting to the center, intensive treatment, training, and ongoing testing for drug […]
January 3, 2013

BI Day Reporting Program Clients in Poughkeepsie, N.Y. helped with Hurricane Sandy Clean-up

Hurricane Sandy was the storm of the year, leaving behind mass destruction and disrupting hundreds of thousands of lives. Volunteers from across the country came to help with the clean-up effort, including a group of four clients and three staff members from the Community Transitions Center (CTC), a BI-operated day […]