criminal thinking

December 10, 2019

GEO Reentry Releases Two New Outcomes Reports for CDCR Day Reporting Programs

GEO Reentry Services completed two new outcomes reports for non-residential day reporting programs funded by the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. Both outcomes reports used the Texas Christian University Criminal Thinking Scales, a brief (self-rating) instrument developed to assess cognitive functioning expected to be related to criminal conduct. The […]
June 11, 2019

Centinela State Prison Warden Names GEO Reentry Program Director Employee of the Month

GEO Reentry Program Director Janice Higgins was named “Employee of the Month" at Centinela State Prison in March--the first time a contractor was chosen for this award.
April 9, 2019

How In-Prison Reentry Programs Prepare Inmates for Life After Prison

A growing number of state institutions are introducing efforts to reduce recidivism long before an inmate is released to their community. Through these in-prison reentry programs, at-risk offenders are given the individualized treatment necessary to help them transition to a life without crime. Addressing individual thinking with evidence-based programs like […]
February 20, 2018

Criminal thinking reduction shown in outcomes reports for GEO Reentry programs

Participants at two residential reentry centers in North Carolina reported reduced criminal thinking upon completion of GEO Reentry Services programming in two reports covering the 2017 calendar year. The participants’ criminal thinking, measured by the Texas Christian University Criminal Thinking Scales (CTS), decreased a total of two points across all […]