Napa County Probation Department

October 17, 2014

GEO Reentry Services donates to local charities and coordinates volunteer effort

Napa, Calif.—Oct. 16, 2014—GEO Reentry Services, which partners with the Napa County Probation Department to manage the county’s intensive day reporting program at the Community Corrections Service Center, is giving back to the community in the form of two donations and volunteer efforts of staff and probationers.  GEO Reentry coordinated […]
March 14, 2014

Napa County CCSC to celebrate its fifth anniversary

Napa, Calif.—March 14, 2014—The Napa County Probation Department and GEO Reentry Services will host a luncheon on March 17 to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the Napa County Community Corrections Service Center, which was opened in 2009 to help alleviate jail crowding problems and tackle chronic recidivism with certain offender […]
October 25, 2011

Jail Employment Education Program prepares inmates for post-custody life

Recently released offenders are at the highest risk of re-offense. Employment provides stability and security and helps reduce that risk. The BI Jail Employment Education Program (JEEP) begins preparing offenders for a productive life after incarceration while they are still in custody. JEEP includes job skills training as well as […]