Transition celebrations at California day reporting centers honor ex-offenders

Fall transition celebrations have begun for several California day reporting centers operated by GEO Reentry Services. The celebrations honor graduates who have completed GEO Reentry’s intensive day reporting programs designed to change criminal behavior and prepare participants for a successful reentry into society.

GEO Reentry operates more than a dozen DRCs in California for probationers and parolees. Several of our centers were opened as a result of California’s Public Safety Realignment, aka AB 109, when the responsibility of thousands of state prisoners was shifted to the counties.

Transition celebrations are an important step for DRC participants as they work to stay crime-free and become productive members of their communities. Graduation from a GEO Reentry-run DRC means the participant has undergone Moral Reconation Therapy®, a cognitive behavioral program developed to reduce recidivism and change criminal behavior. Participants are also required to participate in group meetings and take part in classes that include employment readiness, anger management and GED or college prep.

Transition celebrations have already taken place at San Diego Day Reporting Center (Sept. 25) and Orange County Day Reporting Center (Oct. 2), while celebrations are planned for the Sonoma County Day Reporting Center on Oct. 20, Stockton County Day Reporting Center on Oct. 30 and the Santa Ana Day Reporting Center on Nov. 5. Celebrations will also take place at the Merced County Day Reporting Center on Nov. 6 and the Kern County Day Reporting Center on Nov. 14.

In addition, GEO Reentry is hosting several open house events to invite the public and local officials to learn more about our DRC programs. An open house was held at the Monterey County Day Reporting Center on Sept. 17, while open houses are planned for the Fresno County Day Reporting Center on Oct. 29 and the Stockton County DRC on Oct. 30.

To learn more about our DRCs and our approach to reentry programming, click here.