Community Connections helps Monterey County probationers and parolees connect with local resources

Community Connections is a formal GEO Reentry Services program that connects day reporting center participants with appropriate local resources that help stabilize life in the community.

The program is a critical component of our integrated community intervention strategy and teaches participants how to access the resources in their community that will be most helpful to them in maintaining a life free of crime.

As a part of the program, GEO Reentry staff members build a resource guide that includes health, family service, social service, residential treatment, mental health, domestic violence, legal advocacy and employment resource centers serving the community.

Recently, in Monterey County, GEO Reentry held a “block party” for DRC participants, their families and the local community where various community partners shared information about the resources they offer.

“It takes a community to help offenders succeed upon reentering society. We do a great job of delivering evidence-based programming to reduce recidivism, but the Community Connections program is crucial for guiding our DRC participants toward resources that can help them get back on their feet,” said Carolyn Dealvarado-Rigg, program manager.

Community partners who joined GEO Reentry included: Monterey County Department of Child Support; Turning Point Employment Program; Department of Social Services; Door to Hope; Kick Start; Planned Parenthood; Confidence; and Center for Employment Training.

GEO Reentry Services uses the Community Connections program at GEO Reentry-run DRCs around the country to empower participants and support them in becoming product members of their communities.