Louisville DRC celebrates 70% employment, increased program completions

The number of program graduates at the Louisville Day Reporting Center in Louisville, Ky. Increased from 41 in 2017 to 48 in 2018. In addition to a rise in satisfactory completions, staff at the center take pride in having a participant employment rate of 71-72 percent, which staff attribute to strong community relationships and a growing network of employers willing to work with the participants.

“We are proud to provide GEO Reentry Services’ evidence-based programming that helps participants change their lives for the better,” Central Region for GEO Reentry Services Area Manager Andrew Young said. “The staff at the Louisville Center works hard to establish productive lifestyles, make the community safer and serve local law enforcement agencies.”

In an effort to reduce recidivism, the center provides non-residential reentry programming for both male and female offenders referred from the Louisville Metro Department of Corrections. The Louisville DRC offers reentry services based on cognitive therapy treatment principles to motivate participants to change their criminal behavior. Many classes at the center help prepare participants for employment, an important and necessary component of transitioning to life in their communities.

The center maintains an employment rate of 72 percent, accomplished through a combination of providing life skills programming on employment and developing relationships throughout Louisville to support participants as they transition into the community. The Louisville DRC partners with work ready agencies that provide soft skill training and job coaches throughout the Louisville area. The network of employers willing to work with the population also contributes to the impressive employment rate, Program Manager Chris West said.

“We are very pleased to see an increase towards positive change happening with our participants,” West said. “It is rewarding to see so many embracing the program. There is a definite change at program completion of a willingness to make better decisions, and to model the staff who delivers the services in a respectful manner.”

Evidence-based treatments at the Louisville DRC include a comprehensive life skills program, case management and Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT®). The life skills program offers substance abuse education and assistance with securing employment; resume writing, a job coach, and interview skills are practiced. Participants also do community service at Goodwill Industries nearby.